Wednesday, February 23, 2011


They are revolting in the streets and now what will we do? For the uninformed this means your gas prices will rise over the next month and possibly continue to climb. Which means the price of everything may continue to climb. Stand by to complain, to whine about the price of freedom for someone you have never met. We (The U.S.) had the chance to research alternative sources of vehicle momentum over the past thirty years, but instead chose to bask in the security of multi-billion dollar corporations that exist not for the good of human kind but for the acquisition of maximum wealth. To acquire maximum wealth requires a cost efficient business model which translates to being comfortable with dictatorships that are business friendly. These dictatorships have provided us with workers who will work twice as hard as us for half the price because their business model translates to survival. Unfortunately for us (The U.S.), people who have been oppressed tend to have an unstoppable work ethic; they want to see a better future, one that they have only viewed from afar on a Hollywood movie dream.
This country is weak in the ways of drive and education, it does not provide the opportunities for blue collar middle class work that once were because these jobs were outsourced a generation ago and our average American is unwilling to hop through the educational hurdles that will lead to a white collar lifestyle. In short the only thing that will be left of the American middle class will be overeducated underpaid teachers and the rest of the bare necessity of the public sector, i.e. cops and firefighters. What does this mean for an Arab on the brink of freedom through revolution? It means that the window is open if the Arab is willing to go the distance. If a leader is found he may find freedom in fair wages and no longer be exploited by the west’s search of maximum wealth. If this happens our average citizen might finally understand what cheap labor used to mean. Good luck Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, and any other exploited country and any exploited human who feels the burn that we once felt.