Saturday, October 22, 2011

Out of Iraq

Out of Iraq by the New Year. The sand will blow over the carcasses of our blown out vehicles like it does for the old Russian tanks in Afghanistan. I will live a life and so will all who survived the country and somewhere out there will be the metal and fabric skeletons that we used for our war. For the Veterans of this war, we will have to begin to make a shift in care as these wars come to an end. We will journey the transition from current news to a distant memory most likely similar to that of our Korean War. There was a war in Korea…I know! It ran from 1950 to 1953 and blew US Vietnam killed in action statistics out of the water in comparing these two wars for loss of life per day. The statistics of loss of life for the war on terror is infinitesimal compared to other American wars. The Korean War had been overshadowed by the hype of the end of the Second World War and minimized after no clear victory in that war had been achieved.

My hypothesis is that our connection to society as Veterans will be disconnected as soon as the war plug is pulled. Average Americans were not concerned about this war because it did not affect them, with no draft and no personal obligation to service for most Americans these wars were a television show that ran long in seasons and had been the same story since season four. This of course has happened before and to our brother and sister Veterans from Vietnam. Our problem is going to be in representation because it takes so few troops to conduct a war we are a true minority and will always have few numbers to voice our needs and concerns. A society will not suddenly care for a cause it had no previous interest in.

I hope that all of the Veterans of this war come together and organize to make sure that we continue to advance the level of care that we received because we earned it.
I hope our Vietnam Veterans who have been through this before guide us, and that America suddenly sees for the first time since WWII that Veterans are their friends and should be respected for risking their lives bravely for policies that they had no control over. I hope that when I fart it smells like fresh cut flowers. If we took one month out of what we had spent for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we could provide ample Veteran assistance for years to come, imagine if we took one year of that budget as a debt of gratitude from a nation to its Veterans as payment for a decade of service? Like we just pretended that the war was still going on for one more year, like the war Veterans who come home are faced to fight is really a war. I call this the one for ten for service plan.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Old People Should Go To War

I think we should send old people to war instead of the young. I think that if we threaten to send grandparents to war, that their children and grandchildren would never let it happen, so there would be no war. It does not work the other way around. Old people vote and old people make the wars. Reverse the process and there would be world peace. I want to see the enlistment age raised to eighty…..

Social Security will soon run out and with military service comes guaranteed housing, medical and financial security.

Old people tend to move slower than the younger population, which means there would
be more opportunity for negotiation while the troops are gathered.

Old people have already lived their lives, with this experience hopefully comes a better appreciation and value for a long lived life.

Old people get injured easily, which increases the likelihood of a broken bone that would remove them from the conflict.

Many old people cannot see well, this reduces the likelihood of an old person being able to shoot an opposing old person in given conflict.

Old people are too nice and trusting to engage each other in mortal combat.

Old people have had their children, so generations will not be lost with their loss.

Old people understand the value of a hard earned dollar…which would entitle them to equal pay to that of a sports star because old people would demand that if a guy who can run a ball makes a fortune, then naturally a person who gets shot at to protect the sports star's freedom should make a similar wage.

Old people can sustain the hours of boredom that combat requires.

Old people are very excitable; this will keep them sharp and ready for their enemy.

The fog of war is a natural state of mind for an old person.

Statues of brave old people would be a new medium for artists.

Old people are wise and thus too smart to go.