Thursday, December 30, 2010

Generation Y-Babies

We were missing the boat again. Another generation X but much more stimulated. Our music faded into corporate tone, it started in 1998. Television had captured it all, everything. Reality TV hit it big in 2000 and all of the naked women in the world drifted from playboy to a computer screen, our pornography Mecca. We don’t protest the war because we don’t care, turn the channel and let them deal with it, but oh the war ratings of Iraq the reality show circa 2003, have blown away with the sand and we turned this hourglass over and called it the new Afghanistan. I remember when my battalion heard the first rumors of Fallujah and laughed, they wouldn’t do that to us, somebody else and that troop transport nosed down and dropped us off at home, welcome to Camp Fallujah the sign read.
I listen to the radio and some old lady is an expert on Gen-Y, she can’t quite place the time-frame but these poor youngsters are going through a quarter life crisis and I laugh. Twenty somethings call and cry about the dormant college degree because they thought the world owed them something, maybe a tour in the sandbox where children don’t play would help them along with it, the kids were dying when I learned the world is not fair, and your jobs were outsourced over thirty years, don’t call the radio call your congressman and what the fuck is a congressman? We don’t care change this channel.
Can someone find my attention span, quote the boy I’m special again. Who are you to write me a parking ticket? I reply I am because you let me. Played this video game since there was memory but I lost the reset button or maybe it got stuck. You sneezed and ignited a hurricane I watch that corporal in half a uniform staring at his little American flag, watching it shred in the wind with the eyes of a hungry wolf, his buddies died in a helicopter crash and there becomes his quarter life crisis. And for those who wake up tomorrow becomes the same, mine and someone still owes me. Someone forgot to teach you about soul, there was an old way of living it gave meaning and it has gone before and will come back again, like all things. Time is yours dock this boat and tie it off, when you called it a day it was your choice and that is why you are not special, quote the man.